Desire. In Creation, there is no desire, because there is no wishing, only willing with God.  Willing with One mind.  Fiat.

You already live in the rose garden, because all that you wish for, all your problems you have been wishing to be gone are already accomplished – because they were never there.  You were dreaming all along.

God is not insane or schizophrenic. He does not fight with himself.  Only the dreams you have contain conflict, but on a scale so vast, that we who are dreaming the dream take it as normal.  Take a minute, think you that tragedy, sickness and despair are “normal”?

Removing the guilt. Removing the escapism through true forgiveness, frees us to will again. There is no fear. You know you are beyond the body – any body which represents limitations.  But we have been taught to fear our will.  The will we share with God.  This fear must be gently undone, if we are to come into our own in Christ.

You then become aware that you are in all places at all times.  Therefore time becomes meaningless.  Space becomes meaningless.  If you want to travel to another city, you just will the appearance, the image of yourself to be there, and you are off.

You don’t put your hand through metal, although you could – it just would not make too much sense. But the medium of air is easily translated through every day.

If another “vehicle” is needed to translate into another medium, it becomes a learn-able skill.  This is Enlightenment.  Magic?  No.  Just a full awareness of Who you are, What you are and what you are capable of.  This is joy.  This is the pathway to Heaven.

And this is but one aspect of the journey, the awareness that you are enlightened. To awaken and to completely leave the dream.

This may sound ever so abstract to you today, but as The Course says, when you finally achieve Enlightenment, the first thought that comes to mind is, “I had to do nothing!”.  Is not trading Nothing for Everything a worthwhile endeavor?

The door is open.  You don’t have to wish anymore.



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