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Greetings and welcome to Salient Focus!  Coming to you from the Circle City of Indianapolis, Indiana.  As the name implies, this site is designed to help you tune out the noise of so called modern life and focus inward to what is really important.  We will integrate many philosophies and methods but our primary thought system is based on A Course in Miracles or ACIM.  You can find a copy at The Foundation for Inner Peace.

Another source we will reference are the works of Gary Renard, which was my introduction to The Course many years ago.  I highly recommend Gary’s books as the on-ramp to the Course although there are many other fine examples as well.

If you have found yourself here, consider yourself a Seeker of the Truth.  There is only one Truth, but many paths to achieve it.  There is nothing wrong with this as the pathways themselves have changed through the ages.  You will find that the important thing in spiritual development is that a path either leads you to the Light or away from it.  Your sense of this will be intuitive.  For those of you coming from a more traditional religious background, you may have found your way here from one of our other corporate or personal services sites, but of course you were curious and found yourselves here as well.  Feel free to look around.  All are welcome!


Our Approach

Our approach here will be part motivation, part education.  Both must go hand in hand otherwise change cannot be chosen, initiated and sustained.  The goal is to wake up.  But first you must realize you are asleep.  Oh how asleep we truly are!  A Course in Miracles is an instructional method of waking up.  I am here to highlight certain portions of ACIM which have helped me and others see a glimmer of a wider world and a more comforting world which begins to make sense.  These are signposts… breadcrumbs and clues designed to slowly reveal the grandeur, majesty and simplicity of a new way of thinking.  You may approach Salient Focus one post at a time or you may also look up topics of interest by keyword.  Salient Focus is not a substitute for A Course in Miracles.  We are here as a supplement and stimulus and endeavor to highlight and extend the thought system to a wider audience.  Everyday life has endless examples for our use.  I hope you might find a few relationships related to your life which have value – For Focus is Life.


What next?

To get started, here are a few on-ramps of our own:

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Thank you for visiting and I look forward to us taking this journey together!

Alan G. Hayes


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